Dr. Ricardo Pun-Chong

Recipient of the 2018 CNN Hero of the Year Award

Many of these families came from rural parts of the country, a dangerous journey for some - over mountains, across rivers and along unsafe isolated roads. Dr. Pun-Chong saw many of these families now far from home and unable to afford a hotel, curled-up on hospital floors to be near their sick child. "I couldn't get the picture of the families sleeping on the floor out of my mind,” he told CNN earlier this year, "so, I decided to do something for them." In 2008, he founded a non-profit organisation called INSPIRA. To date, INSPIRA has provided more than 900 families with free housing, meals and support for both the families and sick children while they under-go medical treatment. For Dr. Pun-Chong, being a physician is not just about treating patients, it is also about caring for the families. These families can stay at INSPIRA for as long as necessary and he wants them to know they are not alone. As the 2018 winner of the CNN Hero of the Year Award he received $100,000 and is planning to use this money to begin the construction of a larger shelter where he and his volunteers can triple their assistance. For additional information regarding INSPIRA and ways to give your support, please click on this link:  http://inspira.org.pe/