Joaquin Leguía

Recipient of the 2018 Diploma of Honour from the Congress of the Republic for contributing to Peruvian Society

Currently there are TiNi pilots in eight countries and the Ministries of Education of Peru and Ecuador have institutionalised it as part of the school curriculum at both the initial and primary levels reaching more than 10,000 educational institutions. Through ANIA and TiNi, Joaquin is empowering children to be enterprising, affective and environmentally responsible citizens through the creation of tools for the home, educational institutions, businesses, local governments, regional governments and the state. Their aim is to facilitate the participation of children and young people in the improvement of the environment, prioritising their work in Peru and in the Americas. Likewise, Joaquín has influenced public educational policies of Peru by replicating in public schools the TiNis (Children's Land) gardens where children connect with nature. Joaquin is also the creator of the character Ania featured in the Discovery Kids television show, "El Mundo de Ania y Kin" through which he promotes the entrepreneurial skills of children and young people to change the world and respect Mother Earth. Joaquin is redefining environmental education as a community experience. Joaquin knows all about going forward into the unknown and continues to work through his work in the area of sustainability to make the world a better place.