The home of our conference, Peru, offers amazing opportunities concerning one of our 6 IDEALS: service. Peru is, indeed, an underdeveloped country where income is distributed extremely unevenly. As students, who are aware of this imbalance and are constantly working to improve our fellow Peruvians’ living conditions through first-hand community service.

We now want to invite you to accompany us in this experience, where you too will be able to help those who are less fortunate, and who were born into some of the most underdeveloped parts of Lima. Immersing oneself into a community so close, geographically, yet so far, socioeconomically, offers a unique perspective, unattainable otherwise. You will experience new lifestyles, while learning and losing yourselves in the service of others. Be prepared to live one of the most fulfilling experiences of your lives so far!

We look forward to seeing you in April. Please help us to change the world.

By Ariana Gamero