Mailout 3

Hosting accommodations for students

All student delegates will be hosted by either Markham or San Silvestre families. Most of the nights they will stay in the homes of those families and on two particular nights we will be travelling outside of Lima where they will be camping.

Markham and San Silvestre students are presently enjoying their summer holidays and will return to school on the fourth of March. The RSRC 2019 team is currently holding meetings with our host families regarding hosting. Please expect our host families to be in touch with their guests in mid-March.


We have had a lot of questions about the activities planned on this “Journey into the unknown”. But please be reassured that ALL activities during the conference are based on the philosophy “challenge by choice”. Alternative options have also been put in place for those delegates who may be a little bit out of their comfort zone and choose not to participate in a given activity.


A signed waiver must be provided by each delegate attending the Conference: 

We are asking all RS representatives to please send all of the signed waivers TOGETHER in ONE clearly marked folder with the name of their School for easy identification. Please send these folders to before March 15th.

Flight details

Please complete this google form:

We would like your group’s travel details: airline company, flight number, arrival and departure time, etc... This information is important to be able to coordinate transportation for arrivals and departures in the established time frame (arrivals from 7.00 - 10.00 am and departures from 2.30, 3:30, 4.30 pm). Please complete this information before March 15th.


Please review the updated web page to find information on the Keynote speakers, updates written by students and the art competition. We have also added the Safeguarding, Child and Data protection policies for the conference.