Mailout 2

Waiver (new version)

A new version of the waiver has been uploaded onto our webpage. Please review it.

Transportation for the Conference:

All transportation during the conference, including pick-up and drop-off to the airport in Lima, will be arranged by the host schools. Upon arrival, delegates will be met at the airport by representatives from the host schools and transferred by professional drivers to Markham College. Upon departure, delegates will be taken to the airport on scheduled departure times (after the Closing Ceremony) directly from San Silvestre School.

Arrivals (pick-up) are welcome on Wednesday 10th April 7:00am - 10:00am.

Departures (drop-off) are welcome on Wednesday 17th April 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm.

Flight Schedules

In late February, all RS Reps will receive a Google Form requesting your group’s flight information in order to arrange accurate pick-up and drop-off schedules.

Keynote Speakers

Conference Keynote Speakers have been added to the website. Please read more about our very interesting range of Speakers: Pía Leon, Dr Ricardo Pun-Chang, Bruno Monteferri and Joaquin Leguía.

Expected Weather

During April, the average temperature in Lima is 21°C (70F) with highs of 28°C (82F) and lows of 18°C (65F). Lima's record high temperature for April is 32°C (90F). There is no rain in this coastal region. However, Lima tends to be very humid all year round with an average of 80% humidity in April. The average UV index for April is 12.  So it is best to wear SPF 50+ 'sunscreen', sunglasses that protect from the sun and a hat.

Peruvian Currency

The currency of Peru is the nuevo sol (symbol: S/.). Nuevo sol banknotes come in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200. One nuevo sol (S/.1) is subdivided into 100 céntimos. Coins are available in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 céntimos, as well as larger denominations of 1, 2 and 5 nuevos soles.

Exchange Rates

During the last decade, the nuevo sol has been one of the most stable currencies in the Latin American region. As of January 2019, the Peruvian Nuevo Sol was trading at 3.34 per USD and 2.54 per CAD.

Student Flag Bearers

We kindly ask that all schools appoint a student flag bearer to present their school flag at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. You will be asked for it during registration so it can be prepared for the Opening Ceremony in good time. No need to bring flag poles or ties, we will provide these for you. NO UNIFORM is required for any of the ceremonies.

There will be no rehearsal on Wednesday 10th April, so please ensure that your flag bearer signs in promptly at the registration desk. He/she will be told when and where to go for the flag-bearing ceremony. No formal dress will be necessary for either the Opening or Closing Ceremonies.

Packing list and Dress code

A packing list, as well as the dress code for the Conference, - will be added to the website soon. Please review this important information that will help prepare you for your trip to Peru.

Art Competition

Would you like to create a design that is left as a lasting memory of the 2019 Round Square Conference in Lima? We are looking for twelve amazing designs for one of the activities during the week but we need you to help us!

The task is to create and submit a graphic design which represents one of these or both:
(i)     the ideals of Round Square
(ii)    the theme of the conference “Together into the unknown”



Personal items
  • Maximum of 8 colours:  red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, black and white.
  • Able to be reproduced on merchandise so simple but effective.
  • Submission Date: Friday 1st March