Final Mailout

The countdown continues….

We are all so excited that so many students from the Americas are joining us into the unknown.  What an incredible mix from both North and South American Schools all coming together to share an experience of a lifetime. Delving into Darkest Deepest Peru we will create memories that will never be forgotten.

We hope that by now you have all your packing list in place and are getting ready for this unforgettable voyage. We promise that you will not only be transformed but also inspired to leave your own footprint.

Stepping out of your comfort zone, we will offer you several tools that you can keep forever, enabling you to share with others.  Service activities means that you can do something today for a better tomorrow.

Brace yourselves for what’s to come and...Don’t forget your hats, sunblock and mosquito repellent. Get ready for the unknown!

Some practicalities:
In case your families need to reach you while you are on this incredible adventure, here are our emergency contact numbers:

San Silvestre School

  • Giubel De Las Casas: +511 241 3334 ext. 1202 / +51 982 841 894
  • Verónica Granda: +511 241 3334 ext. 1203 / +51 982 582 805

Markham College
  • Ms Monica Lynch: +511 315 6805 / +511 315 6750 ext. 1205 / +51 963 741 786
  • Ms Ledda Paoli: +51 954 357 559

We are also asking all delegates to download the WhatsApp application on their phones so that Barraza leaders can keep in touch and communicate important messages during the conference.

Also follow our conference instagram account perursrc2019 we have started posting.

Adults will be sleeping in Hotel accomodation for the duration of the conference so will not need sleeping bags.