Q: Do you recommend any vaccinations?
A: We are recommending a Tetanus Vaccination - service work

In the case of service work in the community, there is also a possibility of local dogs being present around the area. Although we are taking every precaution to ask owners to restrain/tie-up their dogs, we will be following doctor recommended procedures in the unlikely event of a dog-bite:

  • Immediately, wash the dog bite thoroughly with soap and water. 
  • Take the patient to the nearest medical centre for vaccination if deemed necessary and agreed upon by both the patient and his/her family.

Q: Who will meet our School upon arrival at the airport in Lima?
A: When you arrive at the airport, Markham and San Silvestre school delegates will meet you as soon as you exit the international luggage terminal. Scheduled transportation will bring your group directly to Markham College. 

Q: When will we know more about our host families?

A: As soon as ALL Student Delegates have completed The Student Delegate Profile Form- Hosting, located on the following link
https://intranet.markham.edu.pe/public/RSPeru2019/default_EN.cfm we will be able to place all students. 


Q: I'm not a Round Square Member School, but I want to attend, is this possible?
A: Unfortunately, no. This conference is a private event only open to Round Square Member Schools of this Region. For more information about becoming a Round Square member please visit their website.

Q: I've tried to register but my school isn't on list
A: If you are a Round Square member school you will be on the list. You need to search for the full name of your school in the registration forms. If your school does not appear please contact Round Square.


Q: I've tried registering but the form won't submit, what’s wrong?
A: If you are having problems registering a delegate or submitting your Letter of Commitment, be sure that you have completed all elements of the registration form otherwise contact rsrc2019@rsrc2019.org

Q: I'm not sure if I can fill a full delegation of two adults and four students, should I wait to complete my Letter of Commitment until I know who I´m taking?
A: We recommend that you return your Letter of Commitment with the number of delegates you know you can realistically secure as you will be billed for this number of places. The number of delegates is also very important for planning the events and activities. You can always add additional delegates to the waiting list.
​ ​
Q: What is a 'Letter of Commitment' and why do I need to return one?
A: The Letter of Commitment is a way of you school formally notifying the host school how many delegates your wish to bring to the conference. This allows the host school to effectively plan the budget and logistics of the conference. We kindly ask that you return your Letter of Commitment by September 30th to allow us to move forward with our planning.

Q: The deadline for submitting a Letter of Commitment has now passed, can my school still register?
A: Now that the deadline has passed, the delegate waiting list has been released. This means there are now very limited places left and the conference venues are filling up fast. If you intend on coming, please submit your Letter of Commitment without delay to avoid disappointment as places now being given on a first come first served basis.

Q: Can I register my delegate if they are currently getting their passport renewed?
A: Yes. Fill out the form as normal. In the space asking for the passport number just write 'passport being renewed' and in the section asking for a photo of the passport information page, just reuse the delegates photo. When you have the new passport information, just email this directly to your conference host and they will be able to update the registration information for you.

If these questions fail to solve your queries please contact: